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The 2020 Details

Rows upon rows of bright, fresh trees. Bing Crosby serenades you (via Spotify) while you two clink Christmas mugs, wrap up in a blanket, steal a few kisses, and then run around like crazy playing tag and giving each other piggy back rides

We're fusing our rich colors, and bold, authentic, blink-and-you-miss-it style with a classic Christmas feel. 

Who: Couples (pups allowed)


Where: Hess Christmas Tree Farm

When: November 14th and November 15th 2020


Props: Red tin camping mugs, black and white buffalo plaid blanket, red tin lantern, other small Christmas props, or bring your own! 


Photos: Online gallery with 5 images of your choosing

 20 Minute Sessions

8 Available Slots

$150 + tax

The marshmallows to your hot chocolate- 40% off all holiday cards
at Basic Invite!


Hess Tree Farm has a Charlie Brown inspired twist! Multi-Color trees that make you feel like you've stepped straight into a display at Hobby Lobby. 

Rest-assured, there are plenty of classic trees too!

Ready to get the cutest Christmas photos?


Christmas Tree Farm

Mini Sessions

Do you hear what I hear.....2020 COUPLES CHRISTMAS MINI SESSIONS!!!

Grab your boo thang and a hot chocolate, and snuggle up at Hess Christmas Tree Farm with O & B Photo Co.! 

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Step 1: Drop Your Name!

Fill out the Booking Form below so we know who's coming and where to reach you!

Step 2: Book your time-slot and pay your invoice. 
Once we've received your form, we'll send you the scheduler with available time-slots. Pick your favorite and you'll be prompted to pay your invoice. 

Step 3:Contract Time. 
Next up, you'll receive a mini session contract to protect both you and us, as well as a COVID-19 release of liability and assumption of risk form. As soon as the i's are dotted and the t's crossed, your time slot is officially yours! 

Step 4:Session Time! 
You'll meet us at Hess Christmas tree farm for your session, where we'll party it up, talk all about the Christmas episodes of the Office, and you'll get 20 minutes straight of belly laughing. 

Step 5:Your Gallery Arrives! 
Just 10 days after your session, you'll receive a full online gallery- you pick your favorite 5! Can't pick just 5? Rest-assured, you can easily add on individual images or the entire gallery, straight from your gallery shop! 


*beep beep*

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