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 Alongside the Wisconsin River is nestled the canvas tipi of Gerrid Greenwood. From dumpster diving to spoon carving, Gerrid lives a unique lifestyle that revives ancient tradition while mixing it with the new. While studying Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, he religiously devotes himself to naturally living off the land. This short documentary won first place in news/long form documentary from the Wisconsin Broadcast Association.
Filmed and edited alongside Laura Kaster. 

Learning to Love Where We Live

A project for a local Colorado Church, this video was created to highlight the impact that church goers can have on their surrounding communities. 

Audio edited alongside Bryan McCracken

Products of the Hive

From beeswax to jared honey, Products of the Hives follows the process of soap making and granola cooking. Filmed with a team of three, this piece highlights the character of the ingredients themselves.

Filmed and edited alongside Matthew Faltz 

Three Eggs for Me

Need some help making eggs? This little video should be able to help you out. Three eggs, three ways to eat them.


As part of, this short feature highlights Melted Grilled Cheese. From the birth of the cart, to the heart behind it, Chefs Peter and David gave me a behind the scenes look into Melted. 

Chicago Dog

The making of a Chicago Style hot dog is sacred business. Everything needs to fit in a poppyseed bun in the perfect order. Next time you want to impress your friends with some midwest delicacies, follow this instructional motion graphic for the making of a Chicago Dog


A Christmas surprise for the Locascio family. Working on this video was truly a joy. By intercutting clips of the dinner table while Jon (solider) was approaching, I was able to create the element of time passing. 

Tea Time

Time for tea! This short video follows the brewing process for a hot cup of pumpkin spice tea. By using depth of field and extreme close ups, the ingredients and different elements of the tea process are given life. We are forced to view steam, or honey, in a new light.

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