You'll Want to Steal These Unique Engagement Session Ideas | Wisconsin Engagement Photos

From bold and romantic to laid-back and playful, these engagement photo ideas are totally swoon-worthy.

Stiff? Posed? Predictable? Let's wave our magic wand and poof those out of existence. Your season of engagement is overflowing with excitement and bliss, so why should your engagement session be anything less? Preserving those electrifying moments of "holy moly we're getting married" aren't created from the standard "tilt your head this way and that way".

Rather, unique photos are born from the authentic moments where there is space for you to be silly, sassy, playful, and passionate. And the best way to bring out those unposed, unscripted emotions? With spontaneous adventures, memory filed locations, and fun-filled activities! These are all the tickets you need for one-of-a-kind, totally you, engagement photos.

1. Pack a picnic in a vineyard