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You'll Want to Steal These Unique Engagement Session Ideas | Wisconsin Engagement Photos

From bold and romantic to laid-back and playful, these engagement photo ideas are totally swoon-worthy.


Stiff? Posed? Predictable? Let's wave our magic wand and poof those out of existence. Your season of engagement is overflowing with excitement and bliss, so why should your engagement session be anything less? Preserving those electrifying moments of "holy moly we're getting married" aren't created from the standard "tilt your head this way and that way".

Rather, unique photos are born from the authentic moments where there is space for you to be silly, sassy, playful, and passionate. And the best way to bring out those unposed, unscripted emotions? With spontaneous adventures, memory filed locations, and fun-filled activities! These are all the tickets you need for one-of-a-kind, totally you, engagement photos.

1. Pack a picnic in a vineyard

A couple kisses in a vineyard at Villa Bellezza - Pepin Wedding Photographer

2. Pop a bottle of bubbly

3. Take Fido to the dog park

A dog looks at the camera - Madison Wedding Photographer

4. Stop by an arcade (Don't forget the quarters!)

A man and woman kiss at I/O Arcade - Madison Engagement Photos

5. Grab some beers at your favorite pub

A couple holds hands at Guu's - Stevens Point Wedding Photographer

6. Get cozy in a Wisconsin ice cave

7. Take a hike

A woman walks with a dog at Sapphire Point Engagement Photos

8. Window Shop Downtown

A man and woman run across the street in Downtown Stevens Point

9. Take a trip to the beach

A couple plays in the water at Kohler Andrae State Park

10. Cuddle up over mugs of coffee at a local cafe

11. Visit the spot where you first met

A man and woman sit on a dock - Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

12.Hop on a sailboat at Sunset

A man and woman cuddle together on a sunset sailboat ride with Sail Door County - Door County Wedding Photographer

13. Order a waffle cone from a local ice cream parlor

14. Piggy back rides!

A man gives a woman a piggy back ride

15. Embrace the weather

A man and woman stand under an umbrella during Peninsula State Park engagement photos

16. Visit a landmark

17. Slow dance at sunset

A man and woman dance in a field - Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

18. Explore a State Park

A couple sit on the edge of Lake Michigan - Door County Wedding Photographers

19. Put your spin on your favorite album cover

A man and woman cross the street during Historic Third Ward engagement photos

20. Embrace the darkness

A silhouetted man and woman look at each other - Milwaukee Wedding Photographers

21. Swing away at the local park

22. Explore over the river and through the woods

A man kisses a woman's temple

Still stumped? Here's plenty more romantic ideals with an epic twist below

  1. Pick your own bouquet at a flower farm

  2. Ride a bicycle built for two

  3. Hammock in the forest

  4. Long-boarding or skateboarding

  5. Get in touch with your inner painter, setup two easels and paint each other's portraits

  6. Carve Jack-O-Lanterns

  7. Go on the hunt for a new vinyl at the record store

  8. Pet all the animals at a petting farm

  9. Ride your motorcycle

  10. Take a helicopter ride

  11. Visit a State Fair and Split some cotton candy

  12. Fly high at sunrise in a hot air ballon

  13. Build a Sand Castle

  14. Build a Snow Man

  15. Go sledding

  16. Go water skiing

  17. Hop in a canoe

  18. Split a Culver's butterburger

  19. Visit a pumpkin patch

  20. Plan a walk around the aquarium

What would you like to add to this list? Drop us a note in the comments so we can add your ideas!