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Wisconsin Wedding Photographers and Why I became One

The kitchen cabinet, gently scuffed and worn from years of home-cooked meals, swings open. I reach for a water glass, and as it softly clinks on the way out, a small breeze ruffles the layers of colored post it notes cascading the length of the cabinet door. 

Some notes are heart shaped, others are square, and a few are crinkled with time. Each note holds the same scribbled, slanted handwriting of my father. A few papers are the length of a novel, while others hold a simple heart. Despite the variety,  the one constant is that every piece of paper is decorated with a love note to my mom. And she sticks it up inside the cabinet door, a sort of small and intimate, yet shared place. 

My parents tender love for each other is what sparked a desire in me to not just capture moments, but to capture the ones that matter most. Not only that, but my family has continued to inspire that spark in me over the years - unintentionally, with their love, and intentionally with first putting disposable cameras in my hand. And that is where it all began. Right in the heart of small town Wisconsin.

I will admit that during the time I had blunt cut bangs, my handy plastic cameras were used mostly to capture pictures of the things that a girl sporting butterfly hair clips would find inspiring-  my dogs, hamsters, and of course, beta fish from PetCo. As the years passed, my camera collection matured, and I finally grew out my bangs. I graduated from snapping pictures of flowers to being an assistant for a local wedding photographer. As the journey continued, it was along the way that I realized there was a special place in my camera shaped heart for love.

Growing up, I witnessed the warm hand squeezes and soft smiles exchanged between my parents. That is what I capture for you. I want YOU to look back at YOUR wedding photos and experience all the micro moments that make up the magnitude of your most important day.  Based on stolen moments of raw emotion, my lens aims to capture the twinkling eyes and stolen glances. The moments are what it is all about. The "why" behind my being a Wisconsin wedding photographer is a big one. It inspires every single shot that is captured. This is my "why"

Fill out my contact form with any questions for this Wisconsin Wedding Photographer (no, I won't show you proof of those awful butterfly clips) or to book me for your wedding day!


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