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Sheboygan Wedding at The Berkshire Event Venue | Eva & Corey | Sheboygan Wedding Photographers

Sheboygan Wedding at The Berkshire Event Venue

Burnt orange and golden yellow leaves rained softly down during the morning of Eva and Corey's October wedding day. This day was what fall weddings in Wisconsin are made of. And you're about to be transported to that. That's right, you're about to crash Eva & Corey's wedding. But first, here's a little background on the cutest stinking couple there ever was. When I asked Eva about the first moment that she knew there was something there between her and Corey, this was her response: We were invited by one of our friends to take a walk in Schmeeckle Reserve at night because it was supposedly creepy and spooky. At that point we were already in a "flitrtationship", but neither of us would admit that we had feelings for the other. I pretended that I was more scared than I actually was, and ended up holding his hand under the pretense that "I didn't want to get separated". And the fact that he didn't let go kind of solidified everything - and we ended up spending a lot more time just one on one. Then, they had their first official date at Bill's Pizza in Stevens Point, followed by plenty more dates, the adoption of their dog, Vigril, and finally, the proposal! Here's what Eva had to say about Corey proposing to her: Each year on our anniversary we would go to a pumpkin patch (because our anniversary was Oct 22nd)...We spent the day eating brunch, going to a pumpkin patch, and just spending time around the house before I had to get ready for work. Little did I know that while I was at work, he was busy carving his pumpkin, and when I came back to the apartment, he had sprinkled rose pedals leading to the pumpkin that he had carved, which read "Will You Marry Me?" and got down on one knee and proposed I HAD TEARS READING THIS. But oh, it gets even better. Now that you've gotten to know Corey and Eva a little bit better, let's fast-forward to their Sheboygan, Wisconsin wedding. The future Mr. and Mrs. got ready at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church - Mary Petrie, an amazingly beautiful Catholic church, and filled with stunning, traditional details. As Eva changed into her breathtaking statin wedding dress, Corey was busy straightening his tie. These two had prepared a gift for one another, to be given before they officially tied the knot. The coolest part about this? They unknowingly GOT EACH OTHER THE SAME GIFT.

Corey nervously accepted a gift bag that a bridesmaid had brought to him from Eva. As he stood next to the glow of an ornate stained glass window, he gingerly reached into the bag (which had donuts printed all over it)... and pulled out a pair of beer socks. Meanwhile, Eva sat thoughtfully in a worn armchair, as rays of warm October sunshine stretched through the window. She delicately pulled back the layers of wrapping paper that concealed Corey's gift to her....and pulled out a pair cute coffee bean socks. These two get each other. After being announced husband and wife, we continued the celebration by hopping onto a bus and heading over to the Sheboygan riverwalk. Yachts and sailboats bobbed in the sunshine as we snapped wedding party photos. We ended in the downtown Sheboygan area at the The Berkshire Sheboygan- a loft venue with urban, industrial vibes. Here, the newly weds popped & locked, Charlie Browned, and jived the night away. They mentioned that one of their favorite moments of the day happened here. During their first dance, they took a moment to look around and saw how many special people they had in their lives to share that moment with. From matching socks to long term dreams, Eva and Corey are on the same page with everything. Their friendship is inspiring and their relationship tops romance novels. As you're scrolling through their gallery below, I think you'll see exactly what I mean when I say that Eva and Corey are destined for each other. Here's to Bill's Pizza first dates, Virgil the dog, and of course, to the Caspers. Cheers <3 Cake: Roek's Bakery Venue: The Berkshire Videographers: Still N’ Motion

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