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Rustic Wisconsin Barn Wedding | Ashley & Mikey | Stevens Point Wedding Photographer

Three Generations + One Church

Stevens Point, St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Rustic Barn Wedding

"...from the beginning it was just meant to be" - Ashley

Bride and Groom smile at Steven Point Rustic Barn Wedding

Ashley and Mikey said "I Do" in the very same church, St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, as her parents and grandparents. Three generations all celebrating their love for each other and saying "I Do" in the exact same space! It is truly an incredible thing that few people get to experience.

Family played a huge part in Ashley and Mikey's Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Rustic Barn Wedding.

The rustic barn wedding and reception was overflowing with memories old and new. The entire day was full of light and happiness. Ashley was giggling with joy the entire day. The family owned property was lined with tall, thick trees, that provided a bit of cool shade from warm, hazy rays overhead. Laughter and bright conversations filled the air and spilled joyfully out of the open barn doors.

Standing in the doorway and gazing into the reception, a romantic barn-wood chandelier draped down from the lofted beams of the barn - a handmade gift from the bride's brother to the newlyweds. Larger than life blush colored paper floral arrangements covered the wooden walls, Each petal exquisitely crafted by the bride, her mother and her sister. The flames of tall pillar candles danced merrily with the conversation around them, and rested gently on whitewashed tree rounds. But the best part? The seemingly never ending table, laden with home made desserts. Ashley and her grandma baked each of these cupcakes together.

Rich - the perfect word to describe Ashley and Mikey tying the knot. Their Rustic Barn Wedding in Steven Point, WI, was FULL and RICH family history, and memories. Touches of pale blue ribbons, whispers of slate gray, and blush pink floral arrangements created the most romantic, rustic atmosphere. The hours the family spent, hand making every last detail, and filling the barn to the brim with Love. The atmosphere was so full of light and love that I thought I might have floated away.

Now THAT'S what I call a rustic Wisconsin barn wedding in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

Also, let's not forget the custom beer cozies.

Ceremony/Reception: St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

Invitation Suite: Minted

Hair: Regis Salon

Gown: Page and Elliott

Rings: Lee Ayers Jewelers (local to Stevens Point)

Groom Apparel: Bria Bella (local to Stevens Point)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dry Goods

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