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Moments of Wild Perfection

Lake George, Colorado // Elevation: 7,7992 ft.

Tugging my waders up, and clicking the buckles into place, I peer over the steep embankment I am about to clamber down. My friend Rachel Leinweber of Pikes Peak Outfitter, my fly fishing guide for the day, assures me the snow crusted slopes leading to the water below aren't as bad as they look. Rachel leads the way, parting the snow as she gracefully descends to the South Platte River. A few moments later, I stumble and tumble past a few trees and also arrive at the bottom. As my guide begins the task of readying our fly fishing poles, I cradle my camera in the crook of my arm, and step into the shimmering shallows.

Crisp, icy water bubbles around my waders and my camera snaps away. As a pair of geese honk their hello, Rachel also slips into the water.

In few fluid movements, her fishing fly expertly loops through the frost bitten air, and into the river. Within moments, a squeal of excitement echos off the walls of Eleven Mile Canyon. The first catch of the day - a brown trout. Greg Blessings "Purple Haze" fly is removed, my camera captures the moment, and the little guy makes his way back up the river. Only minutes later, another trout bites, this time a Rainbow. The day wears on and we are graced with a plethora of fishy presence.

Breathing in the sweet scent of the utopian wilderness surrounding me, my soul smiles. I am absolutely content. Peering through the viewfinder, I freeze the gentle arching of the fishing line and fly. Who would have known that fishing could be so beautiful.

I adore these shots, stolen from a moment of wild perfection. Together, my camera and I have adventured afar, but being able to capture the interaction between my dear friend and the mighty world around her made this my favorite photoshoot yet.


In the Colorado Springs Area? Check out Angler's Covey to get your own guided trip booked, and Rachel at Pikes Peak Outfitter for all of your hiking, kayaking, and camping needs.

Side note: I did learn to cast that day

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