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Lilly Pads, Camera Clicks, and Cover Photos

As the sun's warm rays stretched across the Wisconsin River, it proved to be a perfect time for a photoshoot. My friend Emily, guided the way around fallen tree trunks, and stretches of vibrant lily pads. Balancing myself in my kayak, I raised my camera to my eye. As her paddle dipped into the water, I let the camera shutter rapidly open and close. Excitedly playing back these images on my camera's' LCD screen was one thing, but seeing it in print is another. I am so honored to have one of these images as the cover shot of the 2016 Stevens Point Area Visitors Guide.

The images from this shooting assignment are some of my favorite, but not just because they hold sweet memories of the homeland (Wisconsin & all of it's cheesy goodness).

Working for and with the Stevens Point Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has given me many opportunities to stretch myself as a videographer/photographer. Every experience there is the best kind of adventure.

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