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Krista and Dean | Madison Wisconsin Fall Wedding at Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch

What do you get when you see a buffalo and a kangaroo on a ranch? Krista and Dean's "Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch" Wedding of course!

Bride and Groom pose in front of a barn reception at dusk, surrounded by string lights.

This Madison Wisconsin Fall Ranch Wedding was everything! I was so excited to not only see Krista and Dean again but to also check out Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch. If you remember their engagement session at My Dog and Me Park, I gushed about just how real and raw Krista and Dean are! Let met tell you, the gushing doesn't stop there.They cherish their family and friends and have a knack for making you feel absolutely, incredibly accepted for who you are.

Let's start with some background about K & D's wedding venue. Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch is home to some very beautiful buildings and unique animals. We're not talking cats, dogs and goats (even though there are plenty of those there too). Oh no we aren't talking just the usual ranch animals... no we're talking more like a buffalo and some happy kangaroos who call Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch home too! How cool is that, getting to hang out with some kangaroos on your wedding day? Such a cool spin on the classic fall ranch wedding. I would also be lying if I said this wasn't one of the top moments of my photography career thus far.

Krista's wedding day started in the Bridal suite on the ranch. She laughed the morning away as she got ready with her Maid of Honor to meet Dean for their first look. Meanwhile, Dean got ready with his Best Lady at his and Krista's home. When the time for their first look arrived, the two met in a pumpkin patch on the ranch- uhh how can this possibly get any better!

Close up of an engagement ring resting on top of a small bouquet of dried plants in Madison Wisconsin

Krista and Dean's wedding was exquisitely decorated to match the relaxed fall ranch vibes they wanted. Pale pinks were matched with jewel tones of blue, green and a little bit of Merlot. Krista's bouquet was alive with fresh green, purple, and white succulents, a perfect accent to her "opal" colored hair, and tied up with trailing velvet and lace ribbon. Dean wore a light grey pant with a crisp white shirt and a chic velvet sapphire-toned jacket - his boutonniere also a variety of succulents.

Succulent headpiece for Madison Wisconsin Fall  Wedding

I asked Krista and Dean which moment of their wedding day was the most significant to them and they both agreed it was their first look. I had Dean wait for Krista with his eyes closed and she then stood back to back with him in the cutest little pumpkin patch. On the count of three they both turned and looked at each other. This moment they got to spend alone, well almost, Bryan (second shooter and husband) was there too (and also, what's a girl without her Maid of Honor to fluff her dress and catch her fake eye lashes before they blow away in the wind;)! They agreed this was the most significant moment because it had been the most calm Krista had felt all day. However, Dean said that was when he had the most energy!

As guests began to be seated for there ceremony, Krista and I took a few deep breaths together. She was about to become a WIFE. Krista's father had passed away just shortly before the wedding. From the first time Krista and I spoke, she told me about him and he refusal to wear any sort of pants aside of blue jeans- and how she loved him all the more for it. Her love for her father radiated even through her email. So when the time came, Krista took her brother's arm and together they walked down the aisle towards Dean. Seated on the very first seat on the very front was a framed photo of Krista's father, exactly where he would have stood and exactly where he belonged. Life is collection of bitter sadness and the happiest of tears, and I don't think I'd be going out on a limb to say that this moment was both. Dean was there, waiting at the end of the aisle, to support his bride. This moment brings tears to my eyes, and while my heart was shredded, I NEEDED to make sure that Krista's Dad was present in one of the most important moments of this bride's life. So you'll see him sitting in that chair in the front row, as Krista's brother give her away. And the most amazing part? Not only was Krista smiling down the entire length of the aisle, but Dean was looking at her like his whole world was in front of him. The support these two have for each other in every moment is honestly breathtaking.

During their ceremony they had the newlyweds shared a unique tradition. Krista and Dean participated in the "Baumstamm Sägen", which means "Saw the log" in German. This tradition represents the first obstacle the couple must overcome together as man and wife. They must work together to push and pull the saw in order to cut the log.

Bride and Groom saw a log in a German wedding tradition at Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch

Bride and Groom saw a log in a German wedding tradition at Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch

Now I'm sure your thinking that this couple couldn't possibly incorporate any more rad stuff into their big day, but they did! During their engagement session Krista and Dean stopped by I/O Arcade, where they shared a few beers and played some pinball. Well, the pinball fun didn't stop there. They had a pinball machine at their reception! Specifically the "Attack on Mars" pinball machine. Krista plays in a pinball league so naturally they needed to include the hobby in their wedding.

Krista and Dean's Fall Ranch Wedding at Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch is one that was beautiful beyond words, in every way and form. I am filled with absolute gratitude that Bryan and I were able to walk alongside Krista and Dean, and capture this incredibly unique wedding day. Here's to two of the purest souls I've ever met, and to Krista's spunky, blue-jean wearing father. Until we meet again.

Wedding Coordinator: Meghan Wood (Owner of the venue)

Ceremony/Reception: Emily’s Ten Oak Ranch

Caterer: Hi Point Steak House

Beverage Bar: Hi Point Steak House

Cupcakes: Rolling Pin Bake Shop

DJ: MP Pro Productions

Invitation Suite: ArtePapery

Officiant: Jessica Kent

Hair & Makeup: Hair- Bria Servoss of Empress Hair ; Makeup – Lashes By Jade

Gown:Rebecca Ingram gown with significant alterations by Monirose Bespoke Bridal

Headpiece, Bride's Bouquet, and Groom's Boutonniere: Eucca Florals

Rings: Hers- Erstwhile Jewelers; His – Wedgewood Rings

Bride's Handmaid Shoes: JuliaBo Shoes

Maid of Honor and Best Lady Dresses: Asos and Forever 21

Favors: Plants from Mountain Crest Gardens; Terra cotta pots painted by Krista

Groom Apparel: Jacket- Moss Bros, Shirt - Bonne Gueule, Pants- DKNY, Shoes- Grimentin

Rehearsal Dinner Location: Lucille’s

Rented Décor: Pinball Machine

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