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Jessica & Adam|| Downtown Stevens Point | Stevens Point Engagement Photographer

Love, Laughs and Pom-Pom Hats

Couple kiss on a bridge in Pfiffner Park engagement session

Warm sunshine, crisp leaves, and a cool breeze: this was the perfect October day for Jessica and Adam's engagement session in Downtown Stevens Point. We made a few pits stops during our time together - the charming stairs of Ruby Coffee Roasters, the bright and fresh Fathers Fats, the historic Downtown Stevens Point Square, the bridges and docks of Pfiffner Park, and lastly, and lastly, O'so Brewery for a flight of beer! Downtown Stevens Point has a lot to offer, and we definitely used that to our advantage.

Ruby Coffee Roasters is a frequent stop for Jessica and Adam. They love the coffee here (hellloooo maple latte), so much so that this is where the three of us first met to get to know each other and discuss wedding photography details!

During their engagement session, we wandered near the famous murals of Stevens Point's historic Downtown Square and even took a few photos outside of Father Fats too. Father Fats is a lovely backdrop for photos because of their stark white store front; it's an incredibly popular location for locals and visitors alike. Three words. Fried Green Tomatoes. Do yourself the biggest favor and grab yourself some from Father Fats. Jessica and Adam- I'm thinking Anniversary photos and a celebratory Father Fats feast;)

Making our way during main street, with the warm sun on our faces, we headed over to Pfiffner Park. Jessica, Adam and I just had to take some photos here because it was part of their first date! Jessica filled me in on a few details about their first date and how she knew there was something special about Adam. They were having such a good time together that she told Adam " I don't want to stop hanging out with you" at the "end" of their date. Adam felt the same, so they found a late night store to walk around and goof off in together. Adam made Jessica laugh with silly jokes and weird hats.

On their first date, Adam also brought Jessica to O’so Brewery. Adam is good friends with the owner and used to give tours of the brewery himself. Jessica said she wasn't too sure about the brewery because she didn't like beer. But that was before Adam introduced her to what O'so Brewery has to offer. While we were at O'so's, Adam and Jessica ordered a beer float. While not intending to be funny, this ended up being the funniest part of the session! You see the float glasses are small but Adam is a tall dude so the tiny glasses in his big hands made him look like a giant!

Man and woman touch foreheads inside O'so Brewery engagement photos

I felt so comfortable with Jessica and Adam. I felt like one of their friends, who also happened to have a camera! I was so glad to hear that Jessica felt the same.

"Tell me about your favorite moment from your engagement session! Or what you loved most! You as a photographer! It was like I was hanging out with a good friend. Seeing all your passion made us feel comfortable to be 100% ourselves!"

Locations: O’so Brewery

Pfiffner Park

Father Fats

Ruby Coffee Roasters

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