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Historic Third Ward Engagement Photos| Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Historic, urban adventure with Emily, Kevin, and Knox

A man kisses a woman's' cheek in the Historic Third Ward

With a thin glittering layer of fresh snow and a gentle wind with a warm whisper of spring on the way Emily, Kevin, Knox, and the O & B Photo Co. crew met for Historic Third Ward engagement photos! Their outfit color scheme included rich burgundy, deep navy, light tan, and army green, and paired perfectly for this urban engagement session.

Kickapoo Coffee - Historic Third Ward Cafe

One of the best ways to start, well, just about anything? With coffee and tea of course! Kickapoo Coffee offers a chic, bright atmosphere with a ton of natural light flooding through the floor to ceiling windows. Emily and Kevin snagged a sweet little corner seat and snuggled up with a hibiscus iced tea and a hot latte in hand. With the whooshes of buses and bustle outside the windows, and the warm, comforting scent of freshly ground beans swirling around them, we were able to capture intimate and laid back moments. After stepping out onto the streets lined with the most charming storefronts, we brought Knox the pup into the fun! A few steps down and around the corner, Kevin and Emily twirled in front of a historic, liberty green bus stop. Emily's rust colored coat popped so perfectly against the richness of the background colors of Catalano Square.

A man and woman dance at Catalona Square

A Tinderella (Tinder + Cinderella) Story

We loveeee a good "how they met story" and these two are no exception! Kevin and Emily met on Tinder! "We both were each others only real life meet ups off of it (and thank goodness for that)! We both agreed that there was just an ease with each other right from the start. A very memorable moment from early on for me was when I had locked myself out of my house and had to wait for my roommate to return- I called up Kevin to chat to pass the time, but instead he came over and sat with me on the porch on a warm summer night and we talked for hours until my roommate came back (was after 12 am by that time, but I didn’t mind)." That ease and joy of being around each other continued daily, even through 2.5 years of long distance!

Pewaukee Lake Proposal

"In true Kevin style, the actual proposal was led by a week of 'Gotcha' proposals. (I had known the ring was in his possession because I'd get picture messages of his new 'toe ring' or 'pinky ring'.) He had found a previous Kessler's ring box in which he would place around the house with a small piece of paper that said 'Gotcha'. So a week later, we planned to head out to Pewaukee Lake to get a drink on a Friday night- I had a very strong hunch this would be the night. He was acting weird and we circled the downtown area 5+ times 'looking for a good parking spot' in which he surpassed many. It was a beautiful sunset and I was eager to get out because I knew what he was up to. We ended getting so far out in the country and by this time is was dark. He kept talking about how a noise in the trunk was bugging him, so we pulled off in pretty much the middle of nowhere in a parking lot to an old school house. He got out to inspect the noise in the trunk (Bruno Mars "I Think I Want to Marry You" conveniently playing) and summoned me out and around. There he had a go pro set up to record him asking. It really was the perfect parking spot to capture the sunset and fields in the back ground (if it would have been 30 min earlier), unfortunately it was too dark by this point and thus no adequate video footage. But it was perfect."

Milwaukee Skyline

When we were chatting possible engagement locations, there were a few "must-haves". The first was that there were outdoor locations for family photos with Knox. The second was that there was a healthy mix of both city and nature. Kadish Park provide the opportunity for all that goodness in one location and is one of our favorites for Milwaukee Weddings and engagements! With the city lights twinkling in the background the little family of three belly laughed together and romped around the park.

As dusk set in, this Milwaukee engagement session came to a finish. "We loved how it felt like we were all just hanging out, then at the end of the day, BAM: gorgeous photos of us. We loved that we were able to spend it with you and Bryan, Knox, my sister and cousin; it was really just fun."

A  silhouette of a man and woman on the streets of downtown Milwaukee

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