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Downtown Stevens Point Wisconsin Engagement session| Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Carly, Joey and a little bit of whiskey

A man and women embrace in front of Alexander Landerman's mural in Downtown Stevens Point
Joey and Carly embrace in front of Alexander Landerman's mural in Downtown Stevens Point during their engagement session with photographer Olivia Locascio Film & Photo

Carly and Joey's historic downtown engagement session in Stevens Point was the perfect backdrop for this easy going and romantic couple. We started our adventure with a mural painted by Alexander Landerman. The mural says "What the lion cannot manage, the fox can". I had a blast capturing Joey and Carly as they laugh together wrapped in each others arms. Downtown Stevens Point is full of murals and small alleyways, perfect for hidden romantic moments full of historic features.

Carly and Joey had crushes on each other for years. Technically before they even met! Carly shared a story with me from their college days. Two complete opposites watching each other form a far.. "The longest crush". One summer night in June the two finally collided in Stevens Point. Neither of them were supposed to be there but they ended up at the same birthday party. "He gave me his business card (dork) and I texted him that very night."

I asked Joey about the moment he knew Carly was the one for him. His response? When [she] started to talk about Mario Kart Double Dash! These two know how to have classic fun together. Their first date was Belt's and video games. Not sure what Belts is? Don't worry, Olivia’s here to provide a bit of background information – Belt’s Soft Serve is a local legend. People literally camp out days before their opening day every spring in order to be the first ones to get Belt’s ice cream for the season. Everyone knows and is OBSESSED with Belt’s!

Our last stop on Carly and Joey fun engagement adventure through downtown Steven Point was Guu's on Main. This pub along the main drag of downtown holds a special place in their hearts as well as a favorite among the locals.

A man and women kiss their pinky promise over drinks at Guu's on Main in Downtown Stevens Point

We ended the evening with one more very important photo. [The Pinky Promise]. They shared the details of this intimate moment with me: "Oh it is silly. We knew it wasn't appropriate for us to date when we first met each other. It took a LONG time for our timing to be was our secret way to hold hands and kiss while keeping it PG. We also reserve it strictly for big promises. It isn't something we take lightly. " How sweet is that!

Downtown Stevens Point is the place that Carly and Joey first met, and fell in love. They have shared so many kisses, tears and glasses of whiskey on that old street, they just knew Downtown Stevens Point was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.

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