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A Dockside Proposal | Wisconsin Proposal Photographers

PJ planned this proposal in the deep woods of Wisconsin all the way from Colorado. It needed three key elements:

  1. Lexi's family cabin the north woods of Wisconsin

  2. Sunflowers- Lexi's favorite flower

  3. Juneau the golden doodle pup

A man and woman splash their feet in a lake near Waupaca

It all started on a little app called Bumble. Online dating can be daunting. It can be nerve wracking. It takes boldness (and yes, you can be nervous but bold at the same time). On their first date, PJ and Lexi sat under twinkle lights at a local Italian restaurant. Their tummies were full of pasta and their evening filled with easy conversation and live music. So by the time the third date came around, Pj brought Lexi a bouquet of bright, charming sunflowers...and the look that she gave him, that's how he knew there was something special there. On the other hand, Lexi knew that there was something there by their second date together. "I mean, he went on a “secret hike” with me and listened to me blab about social work for a few hours... i had him hooked ;). I would say I knew there was “something more there” when i was talking to one of my best friends about him on the phone and she mentioned that the way I talked about him was different than I had talked about any other guy ( yes boo boo it was you)." Reading that brought tears to our eyes because that phone call was between me (Olivia) and Lexi. To be a part of everything as it unfolded is a blessing indeed.

And the rest... well the rest is what led to this amazing day on the docks of Miner Lake, surrounded by lanterns and the sounds of a summer dusk.

On the very last day of June, the sun lingered cheerily. It was hot and sticky outside - like all the best of Wisconsin summer days (and summer engagements!). Right off the road, snuggled in between the trees stood Lexi's little green family cabin. Birds chirped loudly as we wondered past and onto the creaking wooden docks. All aboard!! We climbed onto the pontoon boat and PJ directed the boat into the lapping waves. Laughter spread across the lake as we looped leisurely around on the boat. After making our way back to land, PJ asked Lexi to step inside the house. Inside the little green cabin, Lexi was distracted by conversation and friends. Outside the sun was beginning to set and the sky turning pink. PJ was busy stringing lights and lighting tiny lanterns. The birds began to quiet as Lexi was invited outside. Surrounded by the stillness of the forest and a pounding heart, Lexi tip toed her way down the warn path. The trail was lit with swaying string lights which lead up to a lantern laden boat dock.

On the very end of the wooden dock stood PJ, a giant, brilliant bouquet of sunflowers in hand. And although Juneau the golden-doodle was kept out of the way to you know, prevent the ring from falling into the water, he was certainly watching from the cabin window. As Lexi reached the end of the dock, PJ dropped to one knee and asked her that all-important question - the one that makes your knees weak, your heart stop, and time stand absolutely, perfectly still- "will you marry me?"

And just like that, they were engaged. Pj slipped an elegant rose hold ring, laced in diamonds, onto Lexi's finger.

They face-timed family to break the exciting new and once again, laughter and joy stretched across the lake. Lexi waved her ring in front of her phone camera excitedly, and as the waves lapped gently, Juneau the pup came running to share in the celebration with his parents.

A goldendoodle stands on a dock during a summer Wisconsin surprise proposal

Ever so quietly, the stars began to pop into the sky- one by one. But not before a bottle of bubbly was popped in celebration! And as the night dawned further, the festivities continued with a roaring fire and roasted marshmallows. The perfect end to a perfect proposal.


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