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A Boho Chic Backyard Wedding | Wisconsin Wedding Photographers

"Every time we look at our yard now, it reminds us of our special day and all the joy it brought us." - Mariah

Bridesmaids swish their skirts at a Wisconsin wedding

On the warmest fall day of the year - sunny and 72 degrees, Logan waited under the shade of a maple tree. In his backyard that he shared with his soon-to-be-wife, Mariah, Logan stood calmly with his hands in his pockets overlooking the hilly marshland. Abby and Oakley, the couples black labs, kept Logan company as he waited for his bride. It was a first look, but Abby and Oakley definitely cheated and peeked at Mariah as she made her way to them.

A First Look with Dogs

"Being able to share our first look and just the whole day in general with our dogs [was something unique that was incorporated into the wedding day]. After-all, they are a huge part of our lives and what makes us a little family."

As Logan turned around to see his bride for the first time, he was speechless at how beautiful she looked. Mariah was full of excitement (and also a little relieved that the stress of planning was over). Mariah's simple, elegant, and all lace dress made her like look (and feel) like a bohemian princess. Her loose waves were gently pulled back with sparkly, copper faux ferns. As they embraced, their family cheered from the back porch above them. Abby and Oakley wagged their tails excitedly. Learn more about Abby and Oakley here (like Abby's friendship with a fox!)

boho vintage wedding in Wisconsin

Boho and Vintage Chic Themed Wedding

Elegant bridesmaids dresses in rust paired perfectly with pops of golden ferns, red berries, and white roses in each bouquet. Each layer of tulle on the bridesmaids skirt glowed from the warm sun rays behind them. For each boho bridesmaid was a charming vintage groomsmen. Deep copper colored pants and crisp, white-collard shirts were the base of the groomsmen's attire. With the vintage touches of matching suspenders and rich brown shined shoes, the gentlemen were a classical vision.

The family had come together and worked incredibly hard to prep the backyard for the wedding day. (You van view more micro-weddings and elopements here)Rustic wood stumps lined the aisle leading up to the ceremony site. Atop each stump stood large glass vases with branches of sage green aspen. At the top of a small hill stood a boho triangle arch, framed with more aspen leaves. It was here that Mariah and Logan said their vows.

"Every time we look at our yard now, it reminds us of our special day and all the joy it brought us."

A bride and groom walk down the aisle at the backyard Milwaukee wedding

Wisconsin Backyard Wedding

"Truly, a small, intimate wedding was everything we didn't know we needed."

With a guest list of 23, the wedding day was overflowing with love and joy from immediate family and closest friends. As the sun streamed merrily down, echos of laughter and joy rang across the hilly marshland. Under the towering maple tree, the newlyweds shared their first dance, their guests forming a semi circle around them. (And Abby and Oakley proudly watched).

One of the unique things the couple included in their day was a GIANT bottle of champagne. We're talking HUGE. They had found it months prior and originally intended it to be a silly purchase of 2020, but it ended up being a highlight of their wedding day. They took champagne spray to a whole different level; they shook the giant bottle and sprayed it in celebration after the ceremony.

Afterwards, everyone gathered on the porch, bathed in sunshine and with glasses of bubbly in hand. Glasses were raised as well wishes and funny stories were exchanged for the couple.

As Abby and Oakley happily lollied around the yard and the chatter of family and friends filled the air, we said our goodbyes until next time. Cheers, to you Mariah and Logan! May your years be filled with all the giant bottles of champagne and even more laughter.

A word from Mariah & Logan : We LOVED getting to know Bryan and Olivia. After our first video chat with Olivia, Logan looked at me and said "Yep. These are our people." They bring so much light and laughter to the room. We felt like we've known them forever! They capture each moment beautifully and every photo was so natural and never felt staged. They have a great eye and know how to bring out the wedding themes, tones and vibes in each photograph. We cannot wait to use them again in the future! Also, Bryan came in clutch with knowing how to put on the boutonnières.


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