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8 Best Dishes to Serve at your Rustic Wisconsin Wedding | Sand Valley | WI Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Food. It's never easy making a decision. I'm here to make that a little bit easier for you. If you have your eye on local, sustainable, and farm-to-table food for your Rustic Wisconsin wedding, then this one's for you. Sand Valley in Rome, WI is a gorgeous destination golf resort. Recently, they asked me to photograph their top-of-the-line, wedding food creations. I had opportunity to work with (and sample) these stunning, mouthwatering plates by Chef Jon Keeley. The best part? These are literally the exact dishes you can have for your own wedding at Sand Valley (or if you're here purely for wedding menu inspiration for your Wisconsin wedding, that's perfectly acceptable; though you'll most definitely walk away dreaming of strawberry crisp. That's a promise) If you're as indecisive as I am, sometimes a visual jump-start will help you make the decisions for you! Especially when you're looking for something like rustic wedding food Below you'll find the BEST Wisconsin appetizers, salads, main courses, and dessert for your wedding meal. Seriously, I tried them myself;) Consider Wisconsin Wedding Food crossed off your to-do list. Now on to find your Wisconsin Wedding Photographer. I think I might be able to help with that one too:) Also, there are TINY GRILLED CHEESES. I repeat. TINY GRILLED CHEESE. Appetizers 1. Tomato Bisque Sips - Roasted vine-ripened tomatoes stewed with cream and basil topped with a 2-year aged cheddar grilled cheese bite and powdered cheddar cheese

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2. Beef Tenderloin Crostini - Seared rare beef tenderloin served with horseradish aioli and crumbled buttermilk blue cheese set atop crisp Italian baguette

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3. Walleye Taco Bites - Blackened Lake Erie walleye and spiced cabbage slaw set into a flour tortilla cup and topped with avocado crème

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Salads 4. Beet Tartare - Fresh beets, topped with crisp parsley and pickled shallot. Finished with white truffle oil

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5. Caesar Salad - Classic creamy dressing and anchovies. Finished with buttered crumbs.

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Main Courses 6. Walleye- 6.5 oz portion. Fillets are served skin on. The fish is pan-seared to achieve the crispy skin. Served with spring pea risotto, sweet potato chips, and burnt lemon. Pea puree is incorporated into the risotto to give the dish a creamy texture. This entrée is both gluten and dairy free

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7. Hanger Steak- 10 oz portion seasoned with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Grilled to a medium temperature, served with whipped potatoes, haystack onions, and ancho BBQ

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Dessert 8. Strawberry Crisp - Fresh Strawberry Compote, Oatmeal Streusel and Vanilla Ice Cream

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Speaking of dessert-Click here to see Corey & Eva's amazing wedding reception - filled with towers of donuts, and homemade jams. Have you fallen in love with this Sand Valley wedding food menu? Reach out to them here for wedding availability.

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