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5 Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Won't Stop Talking About | Wisconsin Wedding Inspiration

Wedding favors are sweet little tokens of appreciation that a bride and groom gift their guests for the guest's presence in their lives and on their wedding day. These gifts don't have to be cookie cutter, and honestly, we're a big fan of the mentality that well-thought favors are an extension of heart-felt gratitude. And if your love language is gift giving, then you're totally picking up what I'm putting down. So what thoughtful favors speak volumes, are totally unique, and capture the vibes of your wedding day? Answer: we've got 5 of the most utterly pinterest-worthy favors that will woo your guests!

1. Small Batch Honey

Mini jars of honey (along with petite honey spoons) are especially perfect for guests who're traveling. They're easy to pop into a purse after the reception, or pack into a carryon bag. during the journey home. Not only that, but supporting your local beekeepers takes this to an extra special level. Local, small batch honey is something that Bjorn's Colorado Honey specializes in. With guest names and table numbers attached to tiny honey jars, these unique favors were all the rage at this summer wedding. Looking for Local Wisconsin honey? Honey Acres has the cutest little 1.5 oz jars of:

-Lemon Honey Spread -Cinnamon Apple Honey Spread

-Wildflower Honey

2. Homemade Jam

Happiness is Homemade - and mini jars of jam are no exception. This Berkshire Sheboygan wedding had an entire table filled with these beauties. (Not to mention pristine pinecone center pieces). Fall weddings, take note of these totally tasty jam flavors. If you're wanting the essence of cozy- this is it!

-Raspberry Gin and Tonic Han (Aka the Blushing Bride)

-Blueberry Mint Lemonade Jam (Aka Mint To Be)

Pro tip- how fun is a date night of picking berries for your wedding favors? Berries freeze extremely well so you'll be able to pack them away for when you're ready. Pack that mosquito repellant and head over to a few of our favorite berry picking locations - Chet's Blueberry Farm and Lakeview Berry Farm.

3. Personalized Mason Jars

What's better than mason jars? Mason jar mugs! Thanks the clear glass, these beauties can be elegantly etched with a classy monogram of your new last name, or any other creative sang you can think of! Another perk-Mason jar mugs are incredibly versatile. In summer you can have an iced tea bar with fresh lemon slices. In winter you can have a hot apple cider bar with cinnamon sticks! Either way, guests can grab themselves a mason jar mug and get their fill of something tasty! If you have a kitchen cabinet full of mugs *raises hand*, shift them over a smidge because you're going to need room for a few of these babies.

4. Tiny Potted Succulents

Textures, colors, and greenery, oh my! Succulents are known for their hardy leaves and diverse appearances. They travel extremely well and *pro tip* can even be replanted from centerpieces, bouquets, or favors! These plants are a natural at making even those with a not-so-green-thumbs feel like plant expert. We recommend 2" succulents- anything larger might be a little cumbersome for guests. How about two birds one stone? Favors AND seating charts in one tiny package. This wedding at Emily's Ten Oak Ranch transported the succulents into the teeniest tiniest little terra cotta pot, before carefully placing a tiny name-tag flag into each pot.

These little guys below came from the succulent pros over at Mountain Crest Gardens.

Small, individually potted succulent plants sit on a wooden crate for guest favors at a Madison Wisconsin Wedding

5. Custom Coasters

Ohhh baby, we'll take allll the hand-crafted galaxy-inspired ink coasters!

With a process of mixing alcohol and ink, the artist behind The Little Inkling, Jennifer, plays with textures and depth to create these mini nebulas. Guests will have no trouble placing their Dirty Shirley's or Manhattan's on these little glimpses into space- these coasters come with a cork bottom attached, so you won't need to worry about scratched tables or sliding drinks! These trendy geometric coasters scream mid-century modern wedding, but with a modern, interstellar twist.


We said it before and we'll say it again, favors don't have to be cookie cutter items you found down the wedding aisle of hobby lobby (we still love you hobby lobby) and think you NEED to buy because you have to give out a favor. The one thing that will never ever go out of trend is thoughtful gifts (and supporting small business like these 5 guys listed above!) Looking to cross a few more things off your wedding to-do list? Click here for 8 of the best dishes to serve at your Wisconsin Wedding. Click here to find your dream wedding photographer!

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