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The 13 Cutest Dogs of 2020

The scruffy paws, under-bites, and floppy ears of Wisconsin's best pups

In our eyes, it's always year of the dog and 2020 was no exception. From tiny floofs to corgi butts, so many silly, flirty, sweet pups have stood in front of our cameras with their owners. We might be Wisconsin wedding photographers, but if you called us Wisconsin pup photographers, we wouldn't mind one bit;) Ready for your daily dose of serotonin? Scroll on!


1. Meet Grizzly

Grizzly and his wiggly little corgi butt was part of his parents vintage inspired micro wedding in Brookfield, WI. With the hustle and bustle of the day, Grizzly visited each guest for a lick and a pet as everyone prepped for Lauren & Bobby's wedding.

  • Was the official ring bearer at his parents and delivered each ring safely and happily.

  • When he was first picked up by Bobby as puppy, he was happily chewing on a mop, alone in the corner.

  • Very well - traveled! He's been on THREE cross-country roach trips.

A bride holds a corgi at a vintage Milwaukee wedding

2. Meet Juneau

Juneau has been a part of our lives since he was just a little pup pup. When his owners drove out from Colorado to Lexi's home state of Wisconsin, PJ took the opportunity to propose!!! And Juneau was right there for it all. And when the time came for engagement photos, Juneau was VERY excited to visit South Shore Parlor for ice cream and play in the waves of Lake Michigan at Kohler-Andrea State Park.

  • Named after his mom's favorite place in the world (and where we became close friends with her- Juneau, AK.)

  • Has a sock obsession.

  • Is actually golden-doodle (surprise!)

3. Meet Ginger

Sweet Ginger was a little unsure of the big camera in front of my face. After a but of coxing and a walk through a Christmas Tree Farm, she was ready for the lime light.

  • Ginger is dainty in everything she does- walking, eating, resting - so her name not only refers to the color of her coat, but also to her personality!

  • One of her favorite spots is to be perched on the top of the couch (like a cat).

  • She's a true Wisconsin gal- meat and cheese are her favorite human foods!

A dog sits between her owners legs at Hess Christmas Tree Farm

4. Meet Abby & Oakley

The sweetest little black bears you'll ever meet. Old lady Abby and her pretty white face, and her little brother Oakley were the witnesses to their parents first look in their Wisconsin backyard micro-wedding.

  • Oakley needs to have a paw on you at all times- literally.

  • Abby had a fox friend growing up that she would play with in the woods every morning.

  • Abby & Oakley refused to be separated from one another. Where one goes, the other one has to follow. Even to one another's vet appointments.

5. Meet Remy

Remy the Brittany Spaniel LOVES his parents. The time he spent with them during their Iverson park engagement session was arguably the highlight of his weekend.

  • Major fan of sprawling out, belly down, and army crawling along the snowbanks.

  • Very proud of his "my parents are getting married" handkerchief.

  • Obsessed with his bacon wrapped treats.

A dog sits between his owners at a Wisconsin engagement session

6. Meet Finn

Finn has the face of a grumpy old man and the personality of a butterfly. Natalie & Ross tied the knot at the Veteran's Memorial Center and The Delafield hotel in the Milwaukee area.

  • Loves to present his butt for scratching.

  • Sported a full on tuxedo with a bow tie and vest for his parent's wedding.

  • Was featured for his good looks on Looks Like Film

A french bull dog poses for the camera in a dog wedding suit at the Veterans War Memorial Milwaukee wedding

Wondering how you could get cute (and photogenic) photos with dogs in your session? What about if they are hyper? Or un-certain in new locations? We've got you covered - check out this article on How To Include Your Dog In Your Photos

7. Meet Willow

Willow is one of those girls that simply floats through the air. She's full of woofs, prancing, and a whole lot of love. Her legs are a mile long and she has the smile of the prettiest girl ever!

  • LOVES peanut butter.

  • Favorite toy: her ball! Her owners have to take it away from her at the end of the night so she'll actually go to sleep.

  • Willow knows how to open all the doors and window blinds in her home.

8. Meet Knoedel

Knoedel first came into our lives during her parents summer engagement session in Madison.

  • Is named Knoedel, a type of German dumping, because when she was first rescued, and was pretty chunky but her owners thought "meatball" was a little to mean for name ;)

  • Stands at the top of the stairs and softly "awoooos" when her owners come home.

  • She took a leaf out of Lizzo's book and took a DNA test- it was so mixed that her parents couldn't even decipher what breeds her grandparents were. She's "the perfect mutt".

A Wisconsin rescue dog poses for the camera

*Knoedel is one is the many amazing dogs that came from the Dane County Humane Society- take a look through the available pets and meet the newest addition to your home.

9. Meet Knox

Knoxy boy is the apple of his parent's eye. We met for Emily & Kevin's engagement session in the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee.

  • Not a fan of sitting his butt in the snow. Pulled a "hover butt" approximately 2 inches above the snowy side walk at all times.

  • Moose (toy) is his best friend.

  • His mama loves his "pretty ears"- when he pricks them up.

10. Meet Lola

Lola the terrier has the most expressive eyes you'll ever meet. She was a little uncertain when she realized that she was going to be a big sister at Becca & Robin's maternity session. But all her fears went away when she placed her fuzzy little paw on her mom's baby bump.

  • If she had theme music, it would be circus music. She prances everywhere with those tiny paws

  • Looked like the prettiest princess with a flower from her parents wedding around her neck during the maternity session!

  • Her feet are real life little grinch paws

A man and woman hold their dog during a Stevens Point maternity session

11. Meet Huck

Huck is a goldendoodle with the smarts of a poodle and the devilishly good looks of a handsome golden. He is also the biggest flirt you'll ever meet and will go out of his way to say hi to you!

  • Loves each and everyone of this 20 tennis balls as if they were the last ones on earth

  • Recently mastered holding two tennis balls in his mouth at a time

  • Is a big fan of the great outdoors and is a master hiker and swimmer!

A dog sits posed for a photo with his owners during Wisconsin Christmas Photos

12. Meet Arya

This little girl was a guest at Maggie & Taylor's Baraboo Arts fall wedding. While we didn't spend too much time with her, we did get the chance to pet her sleepy face and catch her on camera.

  • Slept through all of the big events of the reception

  • A fan of tiny, wet, nose boops.

  • Wanted nothing else but to be curled up in the warmth of her owner's arms

A man holds a puppy at a Baraboo Arts wedding

13. Lug and Kai

The underbite brothers. These two are jam-packed with personality (as if you couldn't tell that from the photos below). If you're in need of any sort of pick me up, these brothers are sure to give you ALL the love. *Lug is the brown colored, smaller scruffy boy, and Kai is the lighter colored, bigger brother.


  • Hides his favorite toys in closets or under bets so his brother, Kai doesn't destroy them

  • His idea of a good time is sticking his head out the window on a car ride, no matter the temperature


  • Loves eating snow from between his toes

  • Obsessed with holding hands with humans (he specifically uses his left paw for this)


Which dog of 2020 did you fall in love with? Let us know by dropping a comment below!! And if this gave you dog fever, we know that there are fuzzy faces waiting for you to open your home and heart to them. Here's where you can find the newest members of your family:

  1. Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin

  2. Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc.

  3. Happily Ever After

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