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From "The Office" Quotes to childhood stories of growing up in the Rocky Mountains
we've got lots to share!  

meet olivia


When I was just 15 years old, my brother started planning his wedding day. Being the incredible big brother he is, when he booked their wedding photographer, he asked if I might be able to tag along some during the wedding and maybe, just maybe, work as her second shooter in the future. You see, I’d just been given my very first professional-grade camera and after taking photos of just about every cow in Wisconsin, I was ready to give event photography a try!


Oh boy...bless that photographer’s heart! Without hesitation, she took me under her wing and taught me everything from how to change a lens to finding the best lighting to fit any mood. But most importantly, she ingrained in me the lesson that it’s not the gear that makes the photographer. It’s practice, persistence, and a devotion to telling the unique stories of the people in front of your camera. 


So, I dove wholeheartedly into my craft, investing in every course and workshop I could access, fine-tuning my craft and honing my skills. And though the journey has been a bumpy one, I wouldn’t trade it for the world since it brought me to where I am today. 


With my talented fellow photographer/husband by my side, we embrace spontaneity and delight in the joyfully unexpected as we bring our bold, richly-colored style of photography to Wisconsin’s most incredible couples. By creating a space for anything from silliness to earnest emotion to flourish, we do away with awkwardly posed photos, and let true personalities shine. Because, let’s face it, a wedding day gallery filled with nothing but stiff photos is about as awkward as everyone’s least favorite episode of The Office: “Scott’s Tots” Yikes!


We believe that the smallest moments mean just as much as grand gestures, and that trust is the most important thing we can earn. And we can’t wait to earn yours. 


But when I’m not meeting with new clients or editing our latest galleries, you can probably catch me heading out to smell the candles at Anthropologie, visiting a museum, enjoying some quiet time “up north” at the family log cabin, or scouting out a new restaurant in town. 


But enough about me! Let’s get to know Bryan a little bit.

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lead photographer

meet bryan

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support photographer

While growing up in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, I never would have guessed life would transform me into a photographer. But that’s the incredible thing about Livi: she truly changes everyone she meets for the better, bringing new blessings into their lives every day. 


I believed I would be perfectly happy in my career as a financial advisor, but when I met and married her, I was captivated by the way she saw every look, smile, and flash of a detail as something worth preserving. Watching her work on a wedding day was infectious and before long, I found myself wishing I could preserve moments the way she did!


And so, at Olivia’s generous invitation, I picked up a camera and became her copilot on this incredible adventure! I had a blast learning from the best, and gradually my skills improved. But the moment she told me “you know, if I was ever unable to be there for a wedding, you could totally do this,” as she flipped through my photos on the way home from a wedding, I

knew that photography had become a special piece of me, too. It was something we shared, but something that also lit up my soul. 


So, while I continue to work full-time at my financial advisory practice and am also finishing up a degree in software development, you couldn’t pay me to miss out on a wedding day with Livi...or our traditional post-wedding double scoop of Culver’s ice cream!

Olivia, here! Both Bryan and I are over-the-moon excited to get to know you, make heart eyes over  your proposal story, and dive into the breathtaking wedding day you’re

daydream of the future! We can’t wait to join you on your journey!

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