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Film-influenced Wisconsin wedding photography inspired by bold colors, powerful connection, and the magic of an unrepeatable, unplanned moment. 

who we are

With cameras in hand and a quote from The Office on our lips, we deliver so much more than a gallery filled with images you’ll love...though you can count on us to deliver that, too!

We bring a fun-filled, stress-free wedding photography experience from the moment you say hello until you receive your final gallery and beyond. 


Inspired by the warmth you only feel wrapped up in the arms of your husband-to-be and the breathtaking landscape of our home state, our style celebrates true emotion,  connection, and grace. Our natural, prompt-based approach to directing ensures you’ll never feel awkward in our care, and our passion for honest communication enables you to trust every bit of advice we send your way.

We can’t wait to get to know and love you more than Dwight loves bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica! So, let’s set out on your thrilling adventure to “I do” the way we do it best. Together.

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what we do